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Unfair Competition, Noncompete and Trade Secrets PrintEmail

Kelly Hart attorneys assists clients in protecting their confidential, proprietary and trade secret information; in enforcing and defending against enforcement of noncompetition agreements and other restraints of trade; and assists in protecting clients against unfair competition.

When an a company is threatened with the misappropriation and use of its valuable trade secrets and other proprietary information, our lawyers react quickly in attempting to immediately restrain the irreparable harm that can occur from these actions. This generally requires our attorneys to seek immediate relief for our clients in court in the form of obtaining temporary restraining orders, expedited discovery, the preservation of electronically stored information and analysis of that information by forensic experts while preserving the ability to seek other remedies like damages.

Our lawyers have a proven track record in preserving our client’s trade secrets and other valuable proprietary information and for recovering damages against those who compete unfairly and misappropriate those valuable resources of our clients.
Kelly Hart Named TVAS 2019 Law Firm Partner Award Recipient
Tarrant County Bar Association